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Greetings; Aloha! & Welcome!
I'm King George, been with KKUP Cupertino 3 decades the 90's, 2000, 2010...and doing the overnight shows...thanks for all your support during this time, we have brought you great oldies over the years, & marathons that support "Peoples Radio"...
Coming this February 26th 2012 will be my last overnight show, i been advised many years now to stop doing over night shows, but for the love of music & you our faithful supporters, i kept on going on...the course has run out, with the recent down time do to the flu & again advised, that these over nigth shows are affecting your health, ya got to the decision was made by me to hang up my rock n roll overnight shows, thanks for all the years "U" K-KUP'ers" it was fun with all of "U"...

We are excited that you are visiting this web site. Our Radio Station is here to provide unique Entertainment, just about for any occasion. Everything you need to know is listed on KKUP's web site. our phone numbers are 1-408 260 2999 or 1-831 255 2999, direct Studio Hot Lines...

1950's: listen to over night radio, a lot... Then: Harlem Nocturne, by J. J. Jones  was played ( KYA Radio 1260 AM San Francisco ) later on, another version of The Song came over the airways, By The Viscounts, laying in bed, WOW! this is kul, man! this would be a perfect Theme Song...
Next: Job in San Jose, while driving in the hills, a radio station playing Hawaiian music, ( The Pau Hana Show, now Called Aloha Friday, aired every Friday @ 7:00 AM )
Next time: The Station was playing Rhythm & Blues, WOW!, ( The Jim Dandy To The Rescue Show ) 1950's era, just like KSAN 1450 AM & KWBR/KDIA 1310 AM... WOW! An Oldies Show too!...( Big Dan's Oldies Show aired every Friday 3:00 AM til 7:00 AM) Next: Big Dan made me part of his show, gave my view points & using a backround song...was thinking & thinking What To!!! The Harlem Nocture by The Viscounts..., Wee Wee Hours by Chuck Berry, was out, do to the vocals by Chuck, but was retained, as an opening song along with Big Dan's Shake Rattle & Roll by Big Joe Turner...
Big Dan, retired from broadcasting, & then was awarded his time slot, to continue The Oldies format, the rest is History at The KUP, holding down this time slot for many years to come...Using The Harlem Nocturne as my personal opening theme song forever, others versions of Harlem Nocture are used now & then...
"The Master of All Time, Mr. Johnny Otis" recording of Harlem Nocturne on Excelsor/Savoy played too, Johnny has recorded The Harlem Nocturne many times...
Next: Connection to Johnny Otis, The Royals-aka The Midnighters; Johnny wrote their 1st Hit Record Every Beat Of My Heart...guess what? it was recorded January 8, 1952 which is my birthday...
Next: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, creator & writer of The Twist, well, we, should know the story on The Twist...Yes Chubby did it lick by lick...& Dick Clark...with Chubby Checker in his corner... brought Hank's Song, to the #1 spot on top of The Charts in 1960 & 1962, the only song in the Rock N Roll era to do so...
Since early on, in my life,  loved harmony music, & good rockin' stuff, & this is what The Midnighters did best, Hank's voice, WOW!!! was The Midnighters Lead Vocalist Starting in 1953...with "Get It"... Down the road the meeting with Hank & The New Midnighters, Band & Group, we became instant friends, "They bestowed on me, Their #1 Fan of All Time" come back to them was this, one of the many #1 Fans of All Time, of Hank Ballard & The Midnighters. Next: The Groups Manager, Teressa...The both Us, T & G would dance at the shows, Then Roadie with them, when in California, my association with Hank lasted up til his passing, what a great loss, as was James Dorsey, one of The Best Midnighters of All Time...during Hanks last make up of The Midnighters...a year prior to Hanks passing...
Friday's, 3:00 AM til 7:00 AM, Sir Roberts Oldies Show, followed by The Great Hawaiian Music Show, Aloha Friday, The Jim Dandy Show is aired on The 1st Saturday at 9:00 PM & 2nd Saturday at 6:00 PM... connection to, This Show, is Mike The Fly, broadcasting on KKUP Cupertino 91.5 FM, The 1st, 3rd, & 5th... Wednesdays 5:00 PM til 8:00 PM, The Fly started with a pledge of 91.50 for 90 minutes of Air Time, ( we are 100% listener support radio )...yes, The Fly has not left The Studio since...
Now, Please, Glue Your Lobes to KKUP Cupertino 91.5 FM                                                     
KKUP is referred to as The Kup ( Your "Kul KUP Of Gold" )
The Listeners & Supporters, referred to as K-KUP'ers
The Song Used many times, Closing The Show, is Mr. Lucky, by Henry Mancini, in tribute to, Mr. Don Sherwood, Russ The Moose Syracuse, & Carter B. Smith, providing us with Great Entertaining Radio during the 20th & 21st Centuries...old-KSFO 560 AM, KYA 1260 AM & 93.3 FM, KNBC/KNBR 680 AM, KABL 960 AM, Magic 61 & other Stations as well...Just Added, South Bay Oldies Legend King George-KKUP Cupertino 91.5 FM Just Completed a 15 year run, serving mostly The Overnight K-KUP'ers...

Oldies From The Yest-er-Years
1940's 1950's 1960's
plus or minus
if it sounds good and fits "yes"
Speaker 1
KKUP Cupertino 
PMB 9150
1275 Franklin
Santa Clara, California 95050

All Mail is sent to the above address, music included!

"Please Note; We do-not recieve  mail of any-kind, at our Physical-Studio Address"

Our Phone Numbers: Studio & Pledge Hot Lines 24-7
1-408 260 2999 &  
1-831 255 2999                                          
We Have A Web Store: Please GoTo
& A Pay Pal Account for your convenience
Our Physical-Studio Address  
1445 Koll Circle Suite 102                   
San Jose, California 95112
web site
Updated January 28th 2010 12:00PM-Noon

e-mail me by clicking here

Greetings Visitors...
"Just Updated March 30th 2013 9:00 PM,...Please check our web site out for more information @! 
Please stay tuned to Your Kul Cup Of Gold , pass the news around for the Oldies ...
It seems That Sir Robert is back in the swing of things, playing his great selection of Music...Fridays 3:00 AM Til 7:00 AM...check him out...& Hawaiian Music Follows...enjoy!!!
 7:00 AM Til 10:00 AM "The Aloha Friday Show" Great Hawaiian Music, Hosts Uncle Vern & Auntie Luana Helm...
The Fly Show airs again Wednesday April 3rd, & 17th 2013 5:00 PM Til 8:00 PM, Great Oldies from The Buzzing One!
K-KUP'ers Please take note, there is a change concerning our mailing address "its now" KKUP PMB 9150 1275 Franklin Santa Clara, CA 95050
Thanks for your peeper's & for your glued Lobes @ 91.5 FM,
Your Kul KUP of Gold....Mahalo!


Please! Always Check Our Offical KKUP Web Site @ For Updates, Other Fundrasing Events, That Support Our Station Since 1972..."Peoples Radio"

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